Binance invests in decentralised music streaming platform

The decentralized Audius music streaming service has raised nearly $10 million so far.

Binance, the world’s largest exchange of cryptomites, is investing in a major decentralized audio streaming service through its investment and incubation arm.

According to an Oct. 23 announcement, Binance Labs led a $1.25 million extension round for Audius, a blockchain-enabled streaming service that connects music fans to artists.

The latest round of investment follows a $3.1 million round co-led by Multicoin Capital and Bitcoin Hero in July 2020. Major industry players such as Pantera Capital and Coinbase Ventures also participated in the round, as previously announced.

According to Audius co-founder and CEO Roneil Rumburg, the latest rounds bring the platform’s total investment to $9.8 million. Rumburg told the Cointelegraph that he would use the funds to help artists grow and expand their audience base within the system.

Launched in 2018, Audius is a decentralised music sharing and streaming protocol designed to facilitate direct transactions between listeners and artists. Some of the prominent creators enrolled in Audius include Portland’s Portuguese-American musician RAC, Canadian electronic music producer Deadmau5 and American DJ Justin David Blau, better known as 3LAU.

According to the protocol white paper, the Audius protocol is „a mix“ of intelligent contracts on the Ethereum network, while different parts of the protocol are configured to work on different blockchain-based platforms.

On October 8, the start-up launched the platform’s native Audio Coin (ADC) token. The functionality of the token includes security, access to resources and governance. The ADC can be obtained by users to impact future protocol updates.

Developments in crypto and blockchain technologies are attracting more and more artists in the music industry. At the end of September, French DJ David Guetta closed a deal with the virtual reality platform focusing on Sensorium Galaxy encryption.

Analyst confirms: Bitcoin has a 75% chance of breaking bullishly towards $ 12,000

There is a 75 percent chance that Bitcoin will break out of its ongoing consolidation pattern bullish.
According to the independent analyst Vince Prince, the benchmark cryptocurrency is making „marginal“ upward movements in a structure of the Ascending Channel.

That leaves her with two possible outcomes. First, Bitcoin is consolidating within the channel as it breaks below the „ascending trendline“; second, it stays above the trendline and later breaks out of the range entirely.

Prince endorsed the second result. It denotes every price turning point of the crypto currency with an alphabet. Hence, the term “A” represents the first withdrawal from resistance in the Ascending Channel. The next withdrawal from the channel support is “B” while the third and most recent upward withdrawal is from “C”.

In the middle of what is known as the ABC wave, he has placed a 100-hour moving average that supports the sustained upward movement.

The Bitcoin Bull Case Explained

Due to the overall technical structure, BTC / USD has a higher chance of breaking out of the channel area, according to Prince. If so, the pair would extend its upward move toward what is known as „C-wave elongation“ near $ 11,695.

„[There’s] a 75 percent chance that Bitcoin will manage to consolidate further forward between the channel and the trendline,“ writes Prince. „[Then] it would go on and form the C-wave extension.“

The bullish forecast comes a week after Bitcoin Code turned down the $ 11,750 resistance. Traders became increasingly bullish after Square, a global payments platform led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, put $ 50 million BTC on its balance sheets.

That sparked speculation among institutions about the growing importance of Bitcoin as a store of value. Lately, many wealth management firms and independent businesses on Wall Street have sold their cash reserves to get a stake in Bitcoin . The churn stems from their fears that the US dollar could depreciate in the future.

Prince acknowledges these fundamentals in his bullish thesis. The analyst comments that BTC / USD could stay above the ascending trend line because it is from there that „smart money picks up the trading of inexperienced investors“.

„Explosion“ theory

Konstantin Anissimov, executive director of the crypto exchange CEX.IO, expects the prices of Bitcoin – as well as Ethereum – to explode in the coming meetings.

„Not only are listed companies including BTC on their balance sheets, but CFTC chairman Heath Tarbert was also“ impressed „by the progress that ETH has made in becoming the“ computer of the world „, according to Anissimov. „Such an endorsement is quite significant as it shows that the mass adoption of these digital assets is happening right now.“

Bitcoin and Ethereum will march to new highs for the year, he believes.

Coinbase wants to support two Bitcoin developers with grants

Coinbase has decided to sponsor at least two crypto core developers who are part of the crypto community. The search for scholarship holders began on October 15, 2020.

On October 15, 2020, the crypto trading platform Coinbase announced it would sponsor at least two Bitcoin developers who contribute directly to the Bitcoin Core codebase or to closely related Bitcoin projects.

The company’s goal is to create “an open financial system” for everyone

We believe that helping the crypto economy to connect and grow is vital to building an open financial system for the world. Our Crypto Community Fund aims to grow and improve the entire crypto industry while making it easier and safer for everyone to use. If successful, we intend to expand the program to other types of projects and crypto communities.

In the following, Coinbase turned to the community. Bitcoin core developers can now be advertised or nominated on The incoming suggestions would then be judged by current Bitcoin Core developers and key community members. The final decision will be made by Coinbase itself. Coinbase commented on the appeal as follows:

We are happy to fund projects almost anywhere in the world. While we’d like to focus on one-year developer grants, we also encourage people or teams with shorter projects to apply. If successful, we hope to grow the Crypto Community Fund over time.

Coinbase’s “openness” under discussion

On September 27, 2020 expressedBrian Armstrong, Coinbase’s Chief Executive Officer, on the company’s internal values. He spoke out in favor of a kind of political ban on discussion. BTC ECHO reported at the time. Armstrong Ars said that one should be careful not to lose sight of one’s goal. After all, Coinbase is a for-profit company. He also wants his employees to distance themselves from political and social discussions and to concentrate explicitly on their own products and customers.

I want Coinbase to focus on achieving its mission because I believe that this is how we can have the greatest impact on the world.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the payment company Square, criticized Armstrong’s statements. His corporate policy views of not debating politics at work would fundamentally contradict the purpose of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin . Meanwhile, Dorsey welcomed off via Twitter for promoting the Bitcoin Core developers.

Ultra-Bullish: How Bitcoin could rise by 500% through increasing institutional acceptance

An increasing amount of Bitcoins is being accumulated by institutions.

This was evident once again on Tuesday, when Stone Ridge Asset Management revealed to Forbes that it had purchased 10,000 BTCs – equivalent to one percent of assets under management.

Investors believe that a further institutional adaptation of the crypto currency could lead to parabolic prices.

How much could Bitcoin rise through institutions?

Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra and former employee of the CIA and Goldman Sachs, believes that BTC would rise sharply if only 5% of the liquid assets held by the nine largest companies in the S&P 500 were to be invested in Bitcoin:

„Nine firms in the S&P 500 alone have nearly $600 billion in cash and short-term investments. 5% of those that would go into #Bitcoin (or $30 billion) would probably be five times the price of Bitcoin, given the lack of sellers. (3/6).“

Although this calculation may not quite work out in your head, you should consider Fiat amplifiers. The amplifier is a concept where for every Fiat dollar invested in Bitcoin or crypto currencies in general, the market capitalization of the room increases by more than $1.

Estimates suggest that the fiat amplifier is approximately two to 25 times higher, depending on the phase of the market cycle the crypto currencies are in.

At times when investors expect upside potential, the fiat booster grows as investors do not want to sell their coins too early.
Increase of BTC exposure

Barhydt analyzes the institutional adaptation situation as he tries to increase his personal commitment to Bitcoin. Barhydt „is considering doubling the allocation of #Bitcoin in my personal portfolio to 25%“.

In his explanation of why he thinks this is a good idea, he refers to inflationary tendencies:

„Given the acceleration in currency inflation and the likely subsequent price inflation, this seems a better weighting than my current 12%.

He adds that his contacts say that returns in old markets like stocks are likely to be „subdued“ for the next five years. This trend could lead to capital being directed into alternative investments that may be able to provide healthy returns – such as gold and Bitcoin.

The comments are reminiscent of the statements of a number of other investors in the crypto space who have dramatically increased their Bitcoin exposure against the current macro background. Raoul Pal, CEO of Real Vision, for example, has invested more than 50% of his liquid net assets in Bitcoin.

3 Belangrijke factoren die de prijs van Bitcoin positief hebben beïnvloed!

Gastgebruiker per gastgebruiker 15 oktober 2020 in persbericht 3 min gelezen

Bitcoin is een digitale valuta die op grote schaal wordt gebruikt als ruilmiddel van persoon tot persoon. Na de uitvinding was men niet zo onder de indruk, en daarom investeerde niemand in bitcoins. Vroeger kochten mensen goederen met bitcoins, en een persoon kocht zelfs pizza’s met bitcoin. Met de komst van de mensen begrepen de voorstanders van bitcoin de onderliggende technologie waarop het bitcoin systeem werkt. De blockchain technologie is een gedistribueerd openbaar grootboek dat alle transacties registreerde en de transacties verzekerde van fraude.

Het onderwerp van de waarde van bitcoin is altijd controversieel gebleven. De kosten van elke valuta worden bepaald door verschillende factoren, waaronder schaarste, duurzaamheid, transporteerbaarheid en meer. In de afgelopen jaren is bitcoin enorm populair geworden vanwege de verbazingwekkende eigenschappen ervan. De verschillende factoren die de prijs van bitcoin bepalen zijn concurrerende cryptocurrencies, mijnbouwprocessen, regelgeving over de verkoop en de vraag, en internationale prijzen.

De onwaarschijnlijke suggestieve vraag drijft de triomf van de ontwikkeling van de valuta’s aan. Het wisselen van cryptocurrencies neemt in alle delen van de wereld voortdurend toe. Het verhandelen van cryptocurrency’s kan worden geleerd van een Bit Signaal. Handelen kan u helpen om veel geld te verdienen, maar u moet leren hoe u de markt van bitcoin en andere cryptocurrencies kunt begrijpen.

Een korte handleiding over verschillende onderwerpen van Bitcoin!
Bitcoin: Een uitgebreide handleiding over waarde en factoren die leiden tot verandering in waarde!
ILCoin’s Decentrale Cloud Blockchain als DeFi’s efficiëntere, veiligere en betrouwbaardere platform.
Bexplus om producten met een hoog jaarinkomen te lanceren Stabieler dan DeFi-projecten

Wat zijn de factoren die de prijs van de bitcoin manipuleren?


Regelgeving over cryptocurrency’s

De enige belangrijke factor die de prijs van bitcoin manipuleert, is de regelgeving inzake cryptocurrency. In tegenstelling tot fictieve valuta’s heeft de cryptocurrency-industrie een snelle versnelling doorgemaakt, en overheidsinstellingen zijn ook aangetrokken tot deze industrie. Omdat bitcoin een gedecentraliseerde valuta is, wordt het niet gereguleerd door de overheid. Dit heeft geleid tot het gebruik van bitcoins in tal van illegale en criminele activiteiten zoals de financiering van terrorisme, het witwassen van geld en nog veel meer.

Dit heeft geleid tot een verbod op bitcoin in veel landen, en er zijn beperkingen op de handel in bitcoin. Sommige landen beschouwen bitcoin als illegaal, wat leidt tot schommelingen in de prijs van bitcoins.

Gebruik van valuta

Een andere factor die de prijs beïnvloedt is het gebruik van bitcoin. De toegenomen populariteit van bitcoin leidt tot hogere kosten, en als de vraag of populariteit laag is, daalt de prijs. In de huidige tijd is de populariteit gestegen in een hoog tempo dat institutionele beleggers, multinationale ondernemingen en overheden het zijn gaan accepteren. Dit heeft geleid tot een stijging van de prijs van de munt.

Vanaf het jaar 2012 tot 2018 hebben de rapporten een toename van het aantal bitcoin-adressen geregistreerd die een schatting geven van het aantal bitcoins dat in omloop is. In de jaren 2013-2015 was de bitcoineprijs minder, waardoor de moeilijkheidsgraad van de bitcoinemijnbouw afnam. In de jaren 2016 en 2017 stegen de kosten van Bitcoin en werd het mijnbouwproces moeilijk en uitdagend, wat leidde tot minder groei van de bitcoin. Volgens de vraag naar bitcoin verandert de moeilijkheidsgraad van de mijnbouw.

Halvering van de bitcoin beloning

In tegenstelling tot fiatvaluta, waarvan het aanbod onbeperkt is en kan worden gegenereerd op het moment dat het nodig is, ligt het aanbod van bitcoin vast, en de halvering van de bitcoinbeloning manipuleert de prijs ervan. Er worden 21 miljoen bitcoins gedolven, en de mijnwerkers worden beloond voor het controleren van 1 MB aan transacties die een blok vormen. De beloningsprijs daalt na elke vier jaar sinds de invoering ervan. Toen bitcoins werden geïntroduceerd, was de beloning 50 bitcoins, en in de huidige tijd is deze gehalveerd tot 12,5 bitcoins.

De halvering van de bitcoin beloning heeft een grote invloed op het mijnproces. Nu zijn de mijnwerkers niet meer gemotiveerd met de mijnbouwbeloning, en dus is het hashgehalte gedaald. Dit heeft te laat om de prijs van de bitcoin te veranderen invloed gehad op de bitcoin industrie.

De toekomst van Bitcoin

De bitcoindmarkt is zeer volatiel, maar toch is het de laatste jaren enorm populair geworden. Het is onmogelijk om de prijs van bitcoin en andere cryptocurrencies te voorspellen, maar toch zorgen de ontwikkelaars en bitcoin-voorstanders ervoor dat het de golf van de toekomst wordt. De mensen verwachten dat de bitcoin-markt stabiel zal zijn en de mogelijke kansen voor bedrijven en bedrijven zal bieden.

De wereld van de cryptocurrency’s zit vol met mogelijkheden, en investeren in bitcoin kan je enorm laten verdienen. De populariteit van bitcoin hangt af van enkele factoren die hierboven zijn genoemd. U moet een grondige kennis krijgen van deze factoren en begrijpen hoe ze de prijs van bitcoin beïnvloeden.

Il prezzo chiave Bitcoin è al minimo a 10 settimane dopo la chiusura delle posizioni long da parte dei trader

I dati sui derivati Bitcoin mostrano che i trader professionisti hanno aumentato le loro posizioni corte nelle ultime tre settimane. Il mese di ottobre è appena iniziato e l’azione dei prezzi nei mercati dei cripto-mercati è stata entusiasmante e preoccupante. Bitcoin (BTC) ha visto un forte rifiuto di $10.9K e un rapido calo di $10.2K nell’ultima settimana.

L’azione di prezzo della sega a frusta è stata la norma nelle ultime tre settimane ed è abbastanza raccapricciante per i tori e gli orsi. Indipendentemente dal motivo alla base di queste mosse, il recente flusso di notizie di eventi criptati negativi ha chiaramente spaventato gli investitori.

Nelle ultime due settimane KuCoin è stata violata per 150 milioni di dollari, BitMEX è stata accusata di molteplici violazioni legali, John McAfee’s è stato arrestato, e il principale organo di vigilanza finanziaria del Regno Unito ha deciso di vietare gli scambi di derivati crittografici. Questo è stato sufficiente a rompere la correlazione in corso da 30 giorni con l’S&P 500 e anche a segnalare che il sentimento del mercato potrebbe essere cambiato.

Il grafico sopra riportato mostra quanto sia stata forte la correlazione tra S&P 500 e Bitcoin Revolution nel corso dell’anno. Non ci sono state quasi settimane in cui l’azione dei prezzi si sia differenziata tra i due mercati. Le poche eccezioni che esistono sono state nella prima settimana di settembre e nel corso degli ultimi sei giorni.

Per capire ulteriormente se questa divergenza è causata dal crescente interesse per la crittovaluta o dalla sua mancanza, i trader dovrebbero controllare il volume degli scambi. Il volume è diminuito negli scambi principali, il che è difficile da inquadrare come positivo. Ciò dimostra chiaramente l’interesse degli investitori, almeno ai livelli attuali.

Non si dovrebbe concludere automaticamente che i trader sono ribassisti esclusivamente a causa delle metriche di volume. Affinché questa situazione si verifichi, sia gli acquirenti che i venditori devono essere riluttanti a negoziare all’attuale fascia di prezzo.

Il tasso di finanziamento mostra che i pantaloncini si sentono sicuri

L’eccessivo effetto leva da entrambe le parti si rifletterà sul tasso di finanziamento. Ciò accade a causa del fatto che ogni contratto a termine perpetuo a termine ha un costo di utilizzo del margine incorporato.

I tassi di finanziamento vengono di solito cambiati ogni 8 ore per garantire che non vi sia uno squilibrio del rischio di cambio e anche se l’interesse aperto sia da parte degli acquirenti che dei venditori è sempre uguale, la leva finanziaria può variare. Se gli acquirenti utilizzano più leva finanziaria dei venditori, il tasso di finanziamento sarà positivo e gli acquirenti pagheranno. L’opposto avviene quando i venditori di contratti futuri sono quelli che chiedono più margine.

Dopo un breve picco all’inizio di settembre, il tasso di finanziamento è stato piatto o leggermente negativo. Un tasso negativo dello 0,05% su 8 ore equivale all’1% a settimana e, sebbene ragionevolmente alto, non è sufficiente a spingere i trader a chiudere le loro posizioni. Questo non si traduce necessariamente in investitori ribassisti, ma segnala che i venditori di contratti futures sono quelli che utilizzano più leva.

I top trader sono neutrali rispetto agli short

I dati forniti in borsa evidenziano il posizionamento netto da lungo a breve termine dei trader. Analizzando la posizione di ogni cliente sul posto, i contratti perpetui e i futures, si può ottenere una visione più chiara se i trader professionisti sono inclini al rialzo o al ribasso.

Detto questo, ci sono occasionali discrepanze nelle metodologie tra le diverse borse, per cui gli spettatori dovrebbero monitorare i cambiamenti invece di cifre assolute.

Come mostra il grafico qui sopra, i trader di OKEx sono stati net short dal 14 settembre. Questo è accaduto mentre BTC stava cercando di rompere la resistenza di 10.500 dollari. Supponendo che questi trader siano entrati in posizioni corte vicino a quel livello, la perdita massima affrontata finora è stata del 7%.

Per valutare se si è trattato di un movimento isolato o legato allo scambio, dobbiamo confrontare i dati di altri scambi. Anche se i top trader di Binance non sono entrati in una posizione corta netta, il 13 settembre erano al 10% di lunghezza netta e da allora hanno mantenuto un livello simile.

Come già detto in precedenza, le borse hanno metodologie diverse per l’indice longs-to-short, e i clienti potrebbero detenere depositi BTC più estesi (o più piccoli) per varie ragioni.

Sia i volumi poco brillanti che un tasso di raccolta leggermente negativo indicano una mancanza di interesse tra gli acquirenti ai livelli attuali. Nel frattempo, i top trader e i dati sulle posizioni nette mostrano il più basso rapporto lungo/corto in 10 settimane.

Anche se questa posizione da neutrale a ribassista è stata mantenuta da metà settembre, la recente azione sui prezzi non è stata sufficiente a produrre scommesse rialziste.

Lo scenario attuale si risolverà probabilmente con una stretta corta una volta che BTC avrà superato i $11.500, oppure potrebbe amplificare una flessione se gli orsi riusciranno a strappare il controllo del prezzo e dello slancio di Bitcoin.