Trump or Biden as the future leader of the free world? The choice of bitcoiners

Today, it’s election day – The US presidential election comes to an end today. Who from the Trump bloc or the Biden bloc will win? Even if Bitcoin (BTC) has no side, crypto-enthusiasts and Bitcoiners have divergent opinions on who will be „the best“ to foster the future of the king of crypto.

Re-election of Trump: an economic recovery favourable to Bitcoin?
As part of the elections for President of the United States, Bitcoin Magazine published the results of a poll on the position of Bitcoiners in favour of one or other of the candidates.

Of the 125 people who responded to the survey, 46.4% indicated that they hoped Donald Trump would be re-elected.

In their comments related to the survey, Trump’s supporters cited the fact that he would be best able to stimulate the economy :

„I think asset prices will continue to rise because the economy will improve;
„Trump is more likely to stimulate the economy as a whole and this will be good for asset prices and therefore for Bitcoin;
„If his administration continues to hand out cheques, more price spikes will drive up Bitcoin and the stock market.
Biden’s election: health crisis management for a gradual recovery?
Joe Biden’s camp, on the other hand, only receives 34.4% of the Bitcoiners‘ favours – 19.2% prefer neither.

Clearly, Biden is seen by his supporters as the most appropriate person to deal with the Coronavirus health crisis:

„Biden will do a good job in solving the current Covid-19 crisis. Eventually the economy will improve, but it will take more time. The volatility of bitcoin prices will be less and the increase will be gradual. »

More broadly, regardless of who wins the US presidential election, respondents all seem convinced that in the long run the value of Bitcoin will eventually increase.

Trump or Biden, it doesn’t matter! Bitcoin does indeed seem destined to grow gradually, all around the world. The only thing either one will be able to do is to encourage, or more likely slow down (through regulation), the spread and adoption of the king of cryptos.